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A Raspberry Pi is a small single board computer with the kind of processor that you'd normally find in a smart phone. It's just about powerful enough to run a desktop version of Linux. It can be used as a media server and you can also use its General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins to interact with your own circuits. I'm using my Raspberry Pi to find out how much traffic a miniature webserver can handle.

The Raspberry Pi's specs are as follows:

  • ARM11 processor running at 700MHz
  • 512MB RAM (256MB in Model A)
  • HDMI out
  • USB host and function
  • SD card slot (4GB or larger recommended)
  • audio out
  • RCA Video
  • 10/100 ethernet (model B only)
  • VideoCore 4 Graphics Processing Unit
  • Wifi with USB dongle


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